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Santiago Ltd Edition Discs (Set of 10).

Weird & Wonderful Colours

Sorry we can only offer these colours in sets of 10. 

These colours can be included in any purchase of Paint-Your-Own teams.

LIME GREEN - A lot lighter and brighter than the standard green we produce, but it is not a Hi-Viz/DayGlow colour.

VIVID PINK - A change from the pink we offered before, this is a lot darker and richer colour.

BROWN - A re-introduced colour, but we felt that having it produced in large numbers was not viable.

MID GREY - Different to the silver/grey we had before, this is a little darker with the swirly finish removed, as as with the brown, we felt that having it made in large numbers is not viable at the moment.

OLD GOLD - Fantastic coloured disc with a metallic finish just like the old Subbuteo gold colour. *NOTE* Unlike the bases the discs are in perfect condition, the metallic finish shot has taken excellently on them.


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